Happy Trails Veterinary Services
Locum Relief for Small and Mixed Veterinary Practices &
House Calls for Livestock & Horses (cats & dogs, too)

Thanks for visiting Happy Trails Veterinary Services website.  Dr. Alana looks forward to helping you with your large and small animal health care needs. 

Dr. Alana welcomes questions via 
Happy Trails Vet Services 

Dr. Alana C. McQuarry (UC Davis 2004) provides 
relief veterinarian services 
to California veterinary hospitals 
as well as house calls 
for large and small animals 
(primarily at-home humane euthanasia).

California Counties served include: 
Butte, Colusa, Sutter, Yuba

Dr. Alana McQuarry (California Veterinarian #15596) is available to care for your livestock (cattle, sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, pigs, chickens), horses, cats and dogs in the comfort of your own home (or barn).

Voice Message 530.838.4778, Text 530.701.8453 or Email HappyTrailsVet@gmail.com to schedule a house call appointment.  

Dr. Alana strives to return messages promptly.  
IF available for an emergency, she will respond within 15 minutes (text messages receive the fastest response).
For non-emergency calls, please allow 72 hours for a response. 

                 If Dr. McQuarry is unavailable, please contact your closest emergency veterinary hospital 
or contact one of Dr. McQuarry's preferred clinics.     

Please be aware that Dr. McQuarry provides veterinarian services to other local veterinary hospitals 
and is thus not consistently available for house calls. 

Current availability is limited for scheduled house call services.

**Emergency/illness services currently available only for established clients.**  
Appointments can be made with Dr. McQuarry at Milbradt Veterinary Hospital on Mondays,Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
House calls for Milbradt clients will be scheduled and billed through Milbradt Vet.
Appointments can be made with Dr. McQuarry at Look Ahead Veterinary Services most Thursdays and Fridays. 
(530.534.0722  / http://www.lookaheadvet.net/)
Available Services Include:
** Humane Euthanasia (including body transport and aftercare for small animals) **

** Preventive Care (limited availability, prefer to schedule through Milbradt Veterinary Hospital)**
** Emergency/Illness Care (limited availability, currently only available for established clients) **

House calls are not intended to replace the services available from a full-service hospital.  
 Home visits can be a less stressful way to attend to preventive care needs of multiple animals in a household, and is ideal for addressing herd health concerns (population health, disease prevention).  House calls are also a good way to have an ill or geriatric animal medically evaluated without putting them through the stress of transport.  

Many times, if humane euthanasia is not elected, a sick animal will receive the most appropriate and comprehensive care by being seen at a full-service hospital; referrals will be provided to full-service hospitals that can provide an appropriate level of care.

Happy Trails does not have the ability to provide hospitalization, surgical services (such as spays, neuters and dental cleaning) or radiology (x-rays).  

If there is a procedure or medical problem that we feel needs the services of a full-service hospital or specialist, 
Dr. McQuarry will be happy to make a referral to one of her colleagues. 

Happy Trails is open to suggestions you have to best help you care for your pets.   
Please contact us with any questions you may have or schedule an appointment with Dr. McQuarry 
by leaving a message at 530.838.4778, texting 530.701.8453 or emailing HappyTrailsVet@gmail.com to schedule an appointment. 

We look forward to caring for your companion and production animals.
Dr. Alana C. McQuarry